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Cradley, Mathon & Storridge Art Group
Our   artists   exhibiting   in   October   are   Margaret   and   Bill   Crouch   who   are founder   members   of   the   group   formed   14   years   ago.   Margaret   was keen   on   painting   in   school   but   didn’t   pursue   it   until   much   later   in   life when   she   came   to   Malvern.   Bill   was   also   keen   on   painting   at   school   and followed it up spasmodically attending local art classes.       It   was   when   they   came   to   Malvern   and   met   Ros   Rowberry   that   they took   it   more   seriously.   The   group   was   set   up   and   the   rest   is   history   as they say.       Margaret   has   a   much   more   meticulous   style   of   painting   and   drawing, whereas   Bill   is   freer   (more   slapdash,   he   feels!)   Both   enjoy   the   sense   of achievement painting and drawing gives them.          This   duel   exhibition,   which   is   the   last   of   our   special   shows   for   this year,   is   at   Cradley   Village   Hall   which   is   open   from   10.00   a.m.   to   12.30 p.m.   on   Monday’s;   and   from   2.00   p.m.   to   4.30   p.m.   on   Thursdays.   We will   continue   the   theme   from   April   next   year   and   hope   that   you   have enjoyed   the   opportunity   to   see   the   broad   range   of   artwork   our   members are producing.       Our   Annual   Exhibition   for   this   year   will   be   held   at   Storridge   Village   Hall on   Saturday   and   Sunday   the   14 th    and   15 th    October,   when   all   new   work will be on show. Hope to see you there. BILL CROUCH, Chairman   Mathon & Storridge Art Group
Cradley Mathon & Storridge 					ART GROUP DUO EXHIBITION by Group Members MARGARET & BILL CROUCH at Cradley Village Hall from Thursday, 28th September to Thursday 26th October   Hall open to the public Monday: 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Thursday: 2.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
You are invited to our 15th ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th October, 2017 in Storridge Village Hall All new work to see, and delicious refreshments to eat, what could be better! Also see Artists at work Admission FREE
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