Cradley Village Hall
Art Exhibition
Cradley, Mathon & Storridge Art Group EXHIBITION   by Group Member s   JUNE CUTLER   and   JOY PERKINS   at Cradley  Village Hall   from  Thursday ,  1 st   June   to  Thursday, 29 th   June     Hall open to the public   Monday: 10.00 a.m. to 1 2.3 0 p.m.   Thursday: 2.00 p.m. to 4.3 0 p.m.     Cradley, Mathon & Storridge ART GROUP
The   third   in   our   series   of   solo/duo   art   exhibitions   will   be running   from   1   to   29   June   at   Cradley   Village   Hall   and      will be   by   a   founder   member   of   the   Group,   June   Cutler,   and one   of   our   newest   members,   Joy   Perkins,   and   together they put on an excellent show that is well worth seeing.         For   June,   it   wasn’t   until   retirement   that   she   decided   to   try her   hand   at   art,   and   joined   a   course   which   Ros   Rowberry had   just   started   in   Mathon   Parish   Hall.   At   the   end   of   this course,   it   was   decided   to   set   up   the   CMS   Art   Group   and she   became   a   founder   member.   Later   she   attended   art classes   at   Malvern   Art   School .   Her   favourite   medium   is watercolour   and   this   shows   in   the   many   delightful   pictures on view.       On   the   other   hand,   Joy   has   always   enjoyed   drawing   and painting   but   did   not   do   it   regularly   until   her   40th   birthday. As   a   present   she   was   given   a   series   of   beginner’s   water colour    evening    classes    at    the    Malvern    Art    School,    and really   enjoyed   them.   Since   then   she   has   worked   in   soft pastel,     charcoal,     and     more     recently     has     begun     to experiment    with    acrylics.    Her    lovely    work    is    well    worth seeing.             Cradley   Village   Hall   is   open   from   10.00   a.m.   to   12.30 p.m.   on   Monday’s;   and   from   2.00   p.m.   to   4.30   p.m.   on Thursdays. BILL CROUCH, Chairman Cradley, Mathon & Storridge Art Group
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